We are Collect.
We thrive on change.
Our excitement for change is what keeps us ahead in an industry in constant flux.
The high-performance nature of the digital assets market demands perfection.
Our strive for perfection goes beyond financial success.
For us, capital is more than just an outcome.
We foster our capital constantly around the following:
1. Collect Trading — providing 24/7 liquidity and enhancing global price discovery through proprietary trading software.
It’s how we actively contribute to the adoption and efficiency of the digital assets market.
2. Collect Research — incessantly verifying our code, optimizing safety precautions, and exploring new strategies.
Because our relevance and reliability is measured by the speed in which we are able to adapt.
3. Collect Culture — driven by our exceptional entrepreneurial spirit.
It’s how we create a work ethic that enables us to build a high-performing business while balancing life.
Through these actions, we trade intuition for intelligence.
They allow us to move along and lead the way in this ever-evolving industry.
We are Collect.
We capitalize change.

Capitalize Change

We are a trading company for the digital assets market. Our autonomous proprietary trading software provides 24/7 on-screen liquidity and enhances global price discovery. Through this, we contribute to the adoption and efficiency of the digital assets market.

Our team consists of talented individuals with diverse backgrounds, from traditional trading houses to industry-leading fintech companies. It’s exactly this blend that enthuses every individual to make the most of their job.

  • Boy van Lammeren

    Boy van Lammeren

    Co-founder & MD

  • Rick Wong

    Rick Wong

    Co-founder & Head of Engineering

  • Martijn de Valck

    Martijn de Valck

    Co-founder & Head of Quantitative Research

  • Fedja Terzic

    Fedja Terzic


  • Berteun Damman

    Berteun Damman


  • Lucas Smits

    Lucas Smits

    Head of Operations

  • Christiaan Evers

    Christiaan Evers

    Data Engineer

  • Mitchell de Keyser

    Mitchell de Keyser

    Trading Engineer

  • Duco Visbeen

    Duco Visbeen

    Trading Engineer

  • András Demszky

    András Demszky

    Software Engineer

  • Thyn Vogel

    Thyn Vogel